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Advantages of wireless communication

by retevis

Communications can be simply divided into a wired (including erecting cable, cable or leased telecommunications Line) and wireless (radio transmission into the establishment of a dedicated line) two big way. Compared to establish a dedicated wireless transmission have less investment than the other way, the opening and operation and maintenance quick and simple, the disadvantage is “not so reliable” radio station.
Wireless transmission of really unstable reliable? Clearly not. Can not live our lives more and more TV, satellite, mobile phones and other communications tools have a “wireless transmission” approach, it is quite reliable. Wireless transmission also has many advantages.
1. Cost Cheap
A wired communication cable must be set up, or digging trenches, and therefore requires a lot of manpower and material resources; and by establishing a dedicated wireless radio transmission there is no need to set up a cable or digging cable trenches, only need to connect the radio and in each terminal appropriate antenna height erected on it. In contrast with a dedicated radio transmission, saving manpower and resources, the investment is considerable savings. And in some close communication systems (for example: building communications, small regional communications, etc.), wireless communication is manifested in a more flexible, generally intercom signals can cover aboveground buildings and small regional basis, rather than then set up a radio relay station. If you need a wireless signal to reach the shadow of the underground part of the building or small area range, and then set up a radio relay station to extend and expand the signal range.
2. Short construction period
When should a few kilometers to tens of kilometers away from the remote sites interconnected communication, the use of wired mode, you must set up long-distance cables or digging long trenches, the project cycle may take several months, The establishment of private radio network with a radio, you only need to set up an appropriate height of the antenna, the project cycle takes only a few days or weeks can, by contrast, the way you can quickly set up wireless communications link from the engineering cycle shortened.
3. Adaptability
Too restrictive wired communications, and in the face of some special application environments, such as during the more difficult mountains, lakes, forest and other special geographical environment or moving objects and other wiring application environment, when will the wired network cabling project has a strong constraint force, and the establishment of a dedicated wireless network with the radio station will not be these restrictions, so that the establishment of a dedicated wireless network communications using radio better than wired communications wider adaptability, almost without geographical constraints.
4. Good scalability
After the user has set up a good communications network, often because of the need to increase the system’s new terminal equipment. If you use wired mode, you need to re-wiring, construction is too much trouble, but also may destroy the original lines of communication, but if you use a wireless network communication mode, simply clone the original content of terminal equipment to the new equipment, we can achieve expansion device, the contrast has better scalability.
5. Terminal device easier to use
Wired communications terminal equipment are fixed can not be moved, and the wireless terminal device (including: radio, radio, etc.) are portable and can carry anywhere communications, mass response.

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