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RB17P, a new GMRS radio for your agricultural work

Retevis new GMRS radio RB17P is coming for agriculture.

by Cara

Now, the farmers are busy with their agricultural work, like we said before, the GMRS radios are suitable for farming. So, to help farmers work well, we have a new GMRS radio RB17P for Agriculture.

What is it looks like? And how to operate the knob and buttons

RB17P 3 side look

How many functions can be used? And how can it help farmers?

  1. Long communication distance. The high power is 5 Watt, so you can easily connect to your GMRS repeater and other GMRS radios.
  2. 30 channels can be used. And the first 22 channels are the common channels for talking, and the last 8 channels for connecting the repeater.
  3. One-key alarm function. You can find an orange button on the top of the radio, the button is the emergency alarm button, if you are in danger or you need more help, you can easily find and press the button to get help.
  4. Long standby with big battery capacity and USB charger. The battery capacity is 2200mAh, it can work for a long time, so you cannot worry about the working time. And the USB charger can be used widely, so you can easily charging your radio.
  5. The NOAA weather channel. There are 11 NOAA weather channels on it, so you can receive the weather forecast and weather alarm early and accurately. And the function can help you to keep abreast of the latest weather hazard reports and stay safe.

What kinds of discounts for harvest and agricultural work?

If you’ve entered our official website, you can find a pop-up box. The harvest season is in processing, so, we hope to help more farmers work well and stay safe, so we provide a promote code for you to get your farm radio, the promote code is: HARVEST.

If your order is more than $500, you can save $100 dollars. And if you want more radios, please contact us to get more discount.

So, we hope that every farmer can have their own agricultural walkie-talkie, but also hope that our walkie-talkie can help more farmers work better.

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