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50W Mobile Radio Base Station RMB90F in field communication

High power base stations can be used indoors using RT90 digital mobile radio combined with AC plug.

by Cara

When will you be using the RMB90F mobile radio base station? Is it necessary for me to purchase a base station? You will find a detailed description of the RMB90F base station, and you will like to use it.

Mobile radio is usually used in cars. It can be powered by a cigarette lighter and can be easily mounted on a car using either a fixed antenna or an antenna with a magnetic base. But mobile stations with power boxes become basic base stations that can be used indoors or in fixed locations. It can work using an AC socket. You can check the input current and voltage on the power box to ensure the stability of the power supply device. The replacement antenna is the base station antenna, which can be erected on the roof. The microphone can talk at any time.

RMB90F uses RT90 digital mobile radio, can work on UHF and VHF, and digital and analogue modes can be compatible with a variety of walkie-talkies. What’s more, 50W ultra-high power can achieve a longer call distance.

In the bundle, you can find a programming cable to connect the radio to your computer, and you can upload 10000 contacts and program in 3000 channels, and there are 250 Zones to divide into different groups. So, it is convenient to talk to your group members or friends. And you can find more information about the RT90 mobile radio.

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