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5-port USB charger is coming

by retevis

5-port USB charger is coming.

what do you think about the new 5-port USB charger? Let me tell you how many kinds of usage are there?

1. 5-port USB charger can charge 5 radios,but only use 1 jack.

If you have many RT22 or RT24 but do not have enough jacks for charging,  It’s really annoying.

Aha, C9062A solve your problem. New 5-port USB charger charge five radios,but only need one jack.

It will reduce the annoyance caused by the lack of a jack.It will also save a lot of space。

2. 5-port USB charger can charge 5 different equipment .

Do you think it can only charge the radio? Completely wrong. If it can only charge radio, Why do not I recommend you C9059C or C9059B.

C9062A can also support charge mobile phone, tablet pc, two way radio and so on.

Imagine it a radio, a computer, a tablet, and a mobile phone. Use one jack at a same time to charge.

Save time and save space

3. 5-port USB charger :each port is Smart charger 2.4A Max

Each port of it is smart charger 2.4A Max.With auto detect function, with each port over current protection function.

It is smart,so you can charge the device on this port as long as it is USB type.

Without need to worry it.

Do you want to buy one for save space ,save time? Here is the link https://www.retevis.com/40w-8a-5-port-usb-plug-desktop-charger#review-form

If you want to know more about it contact me freely: support@retevis.com


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