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4 reasons to choose RT17 for your business

by Cara

Recently, one of our customers successfully placed an order for RT17, and according to the feedback picture. It seems to be very suitable for this usage scenario. As a basic walkie-talkie, how does RT17 attract customers’ attention? 4 reasons to choose RT17 for your business.

RT617 UK customer feedback

The photo comes from customer feedback. He hung the RT17 on his belt and used it with headphones.

There are 4 reasons to prove that RT17 is very suitable for commercial activities.

  • High-cost performance

RT17 is a cost-effective walkie-talkie with a price tag of less than $40 and less than $20 per unit. It is a commercial walkie-talkie suitable for multiple scenarios. At the same time, RT17 has very few buttons, which minimizes the error rate.

  • light-weight and small volume

The weight of RT17 only 106g, so it is portable to carry on, and the clip can be fixed on your belt or pocket. In conducting business events, staff needs to move frequently, and a portable radio can reduce the burden on staff.

  • The comfortable functions

The VOX function can help you free your hand. If you work at an outdoor party, you’ll need to be ready to clean tables, decorate rooms, and pick up trash. The radio won’t take up your hands, so theVOX feature will help you work better. And there may be a lot of noise in the meeting place. The quietness function will help you block out some of the noise and make the call clearer.

  • Wildcard accessories

In business activities, especially in the service industry, radio is usually used with earphones. The convenient earphones can help users communicate and listen better.
The universal headphone jack allows you to use more headphones and speakers.

There are 4 reasons to choose RT17 for your business, do you like it?

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