Retevis Halloween Giveaway

2019 Retevis Halloween Giveaway Program

Retevis Halloween Giveaway Program

2019 Halloween is around the corner. Are you ready?

You probably know that Retevis two models Retevis RT54 and Retevis RT8  DMR radio.

Now we are giving you the chance to Review and Test RT54 or RT8 for FREE.  Because Your opinions are very important to us, so we want to hear what you think!

Retevis RT54:

The Heavy-duty DMR two way radio with the Detachable Speaker, Waterproof IP66 DMR UHF radio. It’s perfect for Business like contruction site, hotel……

Retevis RT8:

The Amateur Radio IP67 waterproof , UHF or VHF single band radio. It’s a classic ham radio, GPS optional.

How do I apply?

Once you select the model, write a review plan and  leave it in the comments section below. Your plan should explain how you are going to do your review, and where you’re going to post your reivew.

You can also share this blog with the hashtag #RetevisHalloweenGiveway to get more of your friends involved.

The winners will be announced on Oct 28th 2019.

2019 Retevis Halloween Giveaway details:

1,  How to apply?

Write a test plan for either RT54 or RT8 and leave it in the comments for a chance to be selected. Winners will be selected based on the quality of their testing plan.

2, Application Time

Oct 14th – Oct 24th 2019

3, Review requirements

Once you have received your radio, you need to send us a link to your review within two weeks. If you haven’t provided a link after two weeks you will be unable to take part in further Retevis Giveaway or other Retevis Free test program.

4, Where to share your review?

There is no require to share your post to a specific website. But you can share your review on social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc), blog website, deal website or others.

If you really have no place to share, you can send your reivew to us, we will share it on our website.

5, Winners

We will select 10 winners (5 winners for RT8 and 5 winners for RT54)

6, Retevis reserves the right of final explanation.


We will announce the winner on Oct 28th 2019. Good Luck to everyone!


By the way, Retevis will have a big discount on model RT3, 50% OFF. The discount time will from 21th Oct to 31 Oct 2019.

If any question, please leave message here or contact us on email:

#RetevisHalloweenGiveaway Winners

Congratulations to our RT54 and RT8 winners!

We would like to thank everyone who applied to test our DMR radios!

You created some really thorough testing plans, and we’re excited to see you put them into action. We know that we’re going to get some incredibly useful feedback from all of you.

The testers for RT54 are:

@Giada Ferigo

@Russell Goss

@Cristian Miccoli

The testers for RT8 are:

@Buddy Brannan

@Sean Dickens


@Anthony Di Iorio

@Chuck Gysi


Congratulations! All the winners will receive the a confirmation email this week to claim your testing product. After you receive RT54 and RT8, please send a link(or review files with articles and videos)of your review within two week.



Thank you all for your participation!


17 thoughts on “2019 Retevis Halloween Giveaway Program”

  1. René Paulsen

    I would like to make at video of testing the RT8 radio and sharing this on social media, Facebook and instagram. I alredy a owner of the RT3S radio and are very happy with the product.

  2. I plan to use all gear we have in our Club (SP1KCJ) to review say eg. RT-8 (looks nice as HD1!!). I’m in close contact with our repeater administrators so we are able to check almost every aspect of using it in the field (DMR BER/FM input/RF field etc).
    The test will include:
    – RF tests (power/antenna ports/shielding/intermodulations) – very important to the operators, and we have the RF chamber to play with!
    – overall case/body tests and reviews (e.g. by asking operators HOW they feel the device, weighting, testing rigidness)
    – how good is it in the field? aka testing in various areas (mud, rocks, military test ground, you name it! – all options are welcome)
    – firmware/sfotware – how usable it is to standard Operator and bug hunting event!
    So much ideas in the head :}

  3. I would like to review the RT8 (UHF version).
    I will place the reviews on my website, my Facebook page and put videos on and

    I intend to do indoor and outdoor tests on both the aerial and a hotspot, do tests between the RT8 and the RT84 and RT90 which I already own and test out a number of repeaters.
    Also, I will try to get communication between fellow HAMs and myself so we can exchange reports and ideas.

    Furthermore, I will be checking for bugs and faults and see if the firmware is up to date, if not, upgrade it and see what difference it makes.

    I will also do tests on my SR-Sd software.

  4. I plan to use retevis rt8 in the largest emergency communications exercise in my country. The exercise will include military, police, firefighters, NATO, civilian protection, hospital and amateur radio. I’m an engineer for military communications, but also a radio amateur. I will do my best to show how retevis radio can be useful in emergencies and natural disasters, when there is a power outage, when the phones and television are down. In the worst situation when everything stops working. Because of the water flood, the parents of a small baby will not be able to take a sick baby to a doctor, and then I will give GPS coordinates to the pilots of the military helicopter, who will come to the coordinates with the helicopter and take the baby and her parents to the hospital. After the exercise, I will detail the device and its features. Installation, working through a repeater, simplex, battery life and everything else you need for a quality review.
    I’ll see you on YouTube, facebook and instagram.

  5. Will be very interested to test pair Retevis RT8 (one I have already ..) in repeater mode .

  6. I am the Technology Officer for a non-profit Search and Rescue team called the Civilian Crisis Response Team (CCRT – My test plan will involve how well the radio (RT8) works between a deployed Search Team communicating with the Command Center. We are currently using analog ham radios. We do not have any digital radios, so for this test we would need at least 2. The testing would include how easy/difficult it is to program and use the radio. We will post the review to our social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. The timing is also perfect as we are looking for a comms solution for our organization. We also deploy to disasters where we have water rescue teams using boats, chainsaw/debris removal teams, aid/relief stations etc. We recently acquired a mobile command center and are trying to figure out best to outfit it. The ham radios we use today are what our members currently possess. Thank you for the opportunity!

  7. Cristian Miccoli

    Hello I am a passionate amateur radio operator and volunteer of red cross, civil protection and I would like to try the Retevis RT8 or even the Retevis RT54 is indifferent, in the sector of the emergency to see the reception in the mountains and in the woods, the impermeability to rain , I can put the review on YouTube instagram and facebook thanks for the chance to do it

  8. Howdy,

    I’d be interested in reviewing the RT8 (UHF version). Specifically, as we have no DMR activity beyond my personal hotspot, I’d be using that, and testing specifically with an eye (figuratively speaking) toward use of equipment by blind amateurs. While I could post a Youtube video or podcast and am happy to do either, I would definitely make a blog post on my personal page, as well as posting to Facebook and Twitter, as well as the blind-hams email reflector on I believe that we need o be aware of what equipment works for us and what equipment doesn’t, and what alternative workarounds may need to be employed to get the most use from any equipment we use. Your consideration is appreciated.

  9. Proposal
    My plan is to receive a radio and test it’s capabilities and functions.

    What would I do?
    I would take the radio out to different locations and test the range on it. I would go through all of the functions and explain what they do and how they work.
    I would test the extremities of the radio
    I will make a written review to inform people that retevis is a good company with high quality products. I would test a repeater (if possible at the time) and I will make a final evaluation and whether I would buy this.

    I will also be using the radio at large events where i will have it on show to others. I can then test the different calling functions.

    I will summarise the pros and cons of the product and give an honest, complete overview.

  10. Giada Ferigo

    Hello I am a lover of radio and passionate about trekking, I would like to try the Retevis RT54 in the woods in the mountains and in the rain, to test the resistance and the reception, I will post the review on facebook or even on your site thanks if you will let me do it.

  11. I posted something earlier, like a couple days ago, but I’m not sure it posted, as I don’t see it listed in the comments. Apologies if this is a duplicate.

    I would like to test the Retells RT-8 with an eye towards use by blind amateurs. I’d like to see how usable it would be for a blind amateur, for programming either with the software or from the front panel. I plan to post my findings on the blind-hams email reflector on, as well as on my website and Facebook. If you want a Youtube video or podcast, I can do those as well.

    I have written guides for operation by blind hams of several analog handhelds, which have been widely circulated. I’d be happy to add one more.

  12. Brian Wasson

    Venturing into Digital Modes as a Licenced Ham Radio Operator I would begin with DMR and the Retevis RT8.

    My review would be a collection of video’s and articles developed over a 90 day period, from a perspective as a experenced analog Ham Radio Operator getting into DMR. The “xyz” would be the title of the video/article.

    Beginning with radio set up and creation of a DMR account, “Getting on the air with RT8 in DMR”. It would evolve into first 30 days milestone operating the RT8 locally and my thoughts, “Tips and suggestions for a new ham to DMR with the RT8”. After my 60 day milestone I would share operating while traveling by car and plane, “Operating the RT8 away from home”. On the 90 day anniversary I would conclude my review with final thoughts and what’s next for this Ham and DMR, “RT8 and DMR Final Thoughts”.

  13. Who is @Anthony Di Iorio and @Chuck Gysi.
    I am not see… that is not public !
    their ideas were not presented during the competition period. It’s obviously a hoax. I’ll post this on my blog.

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