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1st Review of RB86 Mobile Radio On the Truck

by Wendy

Everything Auto Towing & Repair is a towing company in Tennessee, they often need to go up the mountain to tow and repair cars. To keep in touch with people in town, they need to use two way radios to communicate. They used to use handheld radios, recently they switched to more powerful vehicle mounted radios RB86 20W GMRS Mobile Radio. So there is their review of RB86 mobile radio.

Easy to Install

Review of RB86 Mobile Radio-Installation

Review of RB86 Mobile Radio-Installation

We’ve had their FRS Two Way Radio RT45P for a while now, we’ve been using these, and these have been great for our communication. We finally got a strong mobile GMRS radio on our truck here. I need to get into some ravines and keep in touch with my wife. Now we have the truck equipped with the radio. To facilitate communication, we may equip all of our trucks with radios. I have so much stuff in my car, so it’s hard to find space. But this mobile radio is super small. I found a small home to install this mobile at the bottom. It was installed just fine. I hid it here.

Review of RB86 Mobile Radio-Antenna

Review of RB86 Mobile Radio-Antenna

Its antenna comes with a simple magnet holder, which is also very easy to install. Currently, everything works great.

Easy to Communicate

RT45P Two Way Radios

RT45P Two Way Radios

Like I said in the mountains it’s sometimes hard to keep in touch through weak cell phone signal, but as long as we have the radio, we can keep in touch with each other. RB86 can also communicate with FRS Handheld Radio RT45P easily. We’ve been on the mountain to keep in touch with people in town. If you guys are looking for a mobile radio for your truck, then Retevis RB86 is a good choice.

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